Sabrina Morataya

birth doula, postpartum doula, postpartum wellness, Toronto doula, mindfulness

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialties: postpartum, young parents, mindfulness

Sabrina Morataya (she/her) is a Labor and Postpartum Doula; Sabrina is trained in both yet she specializes in Postpartum care. Sabrina believes in supporting both caregivers during the Birth and Postpartum period. Before deciding to become a Doula, she had already begun her journey supporting young parents.

Sabrina is the founder of Body Mind and Mom a not for profit series of workshops that focus on the Body Mind and Soul connection. Sabrina has attained her Bachelor's Degree in Gender and Women’s Studies from York University. Sabrina supports her clients by utilizing the knowledge she has attained through her personal experiences as a parent as well as her formal training and education.