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Apply to be a Birth Mark Doula


At Birth Mark we believe everyone deserves to feel empowered, supported and informed. We offer accessible doula services in both Toronto and Hamilton. If you’d like to join our team, please follow the steps below.


How to Apply








1 – Read the doula Information

Job Description


Our Birth Doulas accompany the birthing person in labour. They provide non-medical, emotional, physical and evidence-based information to the birthing person and their supports during the prenatal, labour and delivery period and immediate postpartum period.


Our Birth Doula support can include but is not limited to:

  • Suggesting comfort measures such as: position changes, comforting touch, acupressure, movement, visualization, encouragement, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Offering assistance in obtaining up-to-date, evidence-based information to encourage self advocacy and informed decision making
  • Offering referrals when a situation arises that requires additional attention and support that falls outside the doula’s scope of practice
  • Modelling and encouraging effective communication strategies for the client & partner within their birthing team
  • Assistance in formulating realistic birth preferences that match the client’s values and needs and their chosen place of birth
  • Initial breastfeeding support and encouragement of skin to skin in the immediate postpartum period
  • Offering continuity of care. All Birth Mark doulas work in teams of 2 (primary & back-up) so that the labouring person and their family are set up for success

Our Birth Doulas do not:

  • Diagnose or perform any medical procedures or clinical tasks such as: assessing fetal heart tones, taking blood pressure, performing vaginal exams, reading and interpreting medical tests and diagnoses, temperature taking or postnatal clinical care
  • Attend births that are intentionally unassisted (births that do not have a trained or qualified medical professional in attendance)
  • Make decisions and/or speak for the birthing person or their partner
  • Use their own vehicle to transport clients

NOTE: Any and all the above is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Birth Mark Management.**



Our Postpartum Doulas care for the birthing person and family in their home following the birth of their baby. They provide non-medical, emotional, physical and evidence-based information and companionship for several weeks up to 2 months postpartum.


Our Postpartum Doula support can include but is not limited to:

  • Unbiased emotional support, helping you process feelings about your birth
  • Assisting with all elements of newborn care and sibling adjustment (feeding, bathing, diapering, calming techniques)
  • Creates a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower nap & take time for themselves as needed
  • Empowering parents to learn skills that will enable them to cope with their new responsibilities
  • Overnight support and care
  • Meal preparation, shopping for groceries, light household cleaning (laundry, washing dishes, sweeping floor), bottle preparation and sterilization
  • Offering evidence-based information on newborn feeding, newborn sleep, newborn development and emotional & physical recovery from childbirth Offering referrals when a situation arises that requires additional attention and support that falls outside the doula’s scope of practice

Our Postpartum Doulas do not:

  • Diagnose or perform any medical procedures or clinical tasks such as: examining the mother or baby, taking temperatures, taking blood pressure, or any other type of diagnostic or postpartum clinical care
  • Use their own vehicle to transport clients
  • Give clients donations without Birth Mark Management approval

NOTE: Any and all the above is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Birth Mark Management.**

  • In-person doula training certificate(s) of attendance from an AOD recognized training body or Doula Certification Certificate

  • Liability insurance for doula practice

  • Clear criminal background check (provided by Birth Mark at time of offer of contract)

  • Up-to-date First Aid/CPR-C training certificate (provided by Birth Mark)

  • Completed on-boarding training (provided by Birth Mark)

  • Resume PDF


Code of Ethics

At BirthMark our focus is providing growing families with the support that they need to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as parents.

To do this we need to adhere to a code of ethics to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all people we come into contact with through our work. Below, you will find our code of ethics in which to live and work by.

  • Service
  • Social justice
  • Dignity and worth of the individual
  • Importance and centrality of human relationships
  • Integrity
  • Competence


Value: Service

Ethical Principle: The doula’s primary goal is to help birthing families to address their individual needs as parents within the context of the birth of a child.

Doulas are to draw on their knowledge, training, and expertise to assist people in need of support and guidance in growing their families. It is of paramount importance that we offer service in a way that is authentic and true to our values as an entity. That is, to support and offer service to people without the means to obtain it.

Value: Social Justice

Ethical Principle: Doulas challenge social injustice.

Birth Mark doulas pursue social change by assisting vulnerable and oppressed individuals and their families in the navigation of the system of sexual, maternal & infant care in Toronto. The doulas’ efforts in relation to social change are focused primarily on helping clients find their own voice to advocate for the care that they want and deserve from the public medical system. Through this work, the obstacles to receiving care faced by marginalized individuals are mitigated. These issues include but are not limited to poverty, discrimination, citizenship status, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Our activities seek to promote access to information, services, and resources that these individuals may need; equality of opportunity; and meaningful participation in decision making for themselves, their babies and their families.

Value: Dignity and Worth of the Person

Ethical Principle: Doulas respect the inherent dignity and worth of their clients.

Doulas treat each person with care and respect. We are to be mindful and gentle in our interaction with differences of cultural and ethnic diversity. Doulas promote clients' socially responsible self-determination. Doulas seek to enhance clients' capacity and opportunity to change and to address their own needs.

Value: Importance of Human Relationships

Ethical Principle: Doulas recognize the central importance of human relationships.

Doulas understand that relationships between and among people are a critical element in harmonious and positive change. Doulas engage clients and their families as partners and collaborators in the accomplishment of a meaningful and individual care plan. Doulas seek to strengthen relationships among families and care providers in a meaningful way to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of our clients, their families and communities.

Value: Integrity

Ethical Principle: Doulas behave in a trustworthy manner.

Doulas are continually exposed and privy to sensitive and personal information. It is of critical importance that we are aware and respectful of our client’s right to confidentiality. Doulas act honestly and responsibly and promote ethical practices on the part of Birthmark: the organization with which they are affiliated.

Value: Competence

Ethical Principle: Doulas practice within their areas of competence and develop and enhance their professional expertise.

Doulas continually strive to increase their professional knowledge and skills and to apply them in practice. Doulas should aspire to contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.


2 – Fill out the Application Form

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3 – send your required documents

Please include your name in the file names of all your documents. Email all your required documents to If you’re having trouble sending your documents, contact us.





Training Scholarships

We are proud to be partnering with Doula Canada to host a Dual-Stream Birth & Postpartum Doula Training 3 times per year. For each training, we offer scholarships for folks who qualify. Our goal is to close the gaps in doula care and diversify the doula profession by prioritizing people of colour, queer & trans folks, and other marginalized communities.

The scholarship application process will be announced and posted 2 months prior to the next dual stream training. Email for more information.