Elisha Conover-Arthurs

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Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialty: birth, postpartum and Yoga instructor

Elisha Conover-Arthurs (she/her) is a Mother, grassroots doula, activist, performance artist, healer and Yoga instructor with nearly 30 years of experience upon the path of dance and healing movement.

As a Doula and yoga instructor, Elisha helps clients ease into their journeys as parents both physically and emotionally. She is passionate about empowering families going through this pivotal transition by ensuring that they know about the  range of parenting resources and birthing options available, dispelling fear and instilling hope for positive outcomes.

Working closely with clients, she designs tailored support programs that include counseling, pre- and post- natal yoga, breath work, reiki, gentle massage, visualization and relaxation techniques. She also helps clients realize their birthing visions, crafting birth plans, blessing way ceremonies and naming ceremonies that resonate with the spirit of each unique journey.

Giving birth to her daughter naturally at home unattended was a radical act of transformational empowerment that set Elisha on the path of sacred mothering, and inspired her to experience the natural births of her 4 children. There within, she experienced the joys of intuitive parenting; breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, and practicing herbal medicine for self and children. Elisha continues to share classical Hatha Yoga, pre- and post- natal yoga, radiant lotus qi gong, traditional and contemporary dance and percussion, and offers a line of handmade crafts including baby carriers, dolls and jewelry. She has been raising her family with the support of Indigenous Caribbean and African ceremonies, and time spent in nature living with the land. 

Through the journey, she discovered an array of techniques that can make birth an empowering rights of passage. Her goal is to cultivate and encourage radiant well being within each and every family from the inside out.