Claire Anne Gallagher

birth doula, postpartum doula, Toronto doula, sleep specialist, Spanish, French

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialties: sleep specialist, Spanish and French speaking

Claire Anne Gallagher (she/her) is a mother of two amazing, genuine and sensitive grown children, who are parents to her six beautiful growing grandchildren. Forever passionate about birth, Claire Anne’s adult life began with a big move to Alberta at the age of seventeen where she became a ranch owner. While managing the breeding farm herself, she witnessed the animals’ births and their behavior and calmness in birth. She envisioned the same for herself. Although her birth was a longer process, the serenity and calmness prevailed and Claire Anne’s daughter made her entrance earth side naturally. Claire was elated and filled with an indescribable energy and motherly love, and thus her Motherhood journey began.

Now as a Doula, Claire Anne is able to support families looking to make informed choices about their own pregnancy and birth. She is confident, caring and calm, with a very centred heart. She is fascinated with reading and studying anything related to birth and postpartum, and sharing her learnings with clients and other doulas.

Claire Anne is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and French. Being able to support families who do not speak English holds a very special place in her heart. A certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a certified sleep educator, Claire Anne has attended a 3 day midwifery skills workshop with Indie Birth in Sedona Arizona, a life changing experience reassuring her that women have a choice and voice and need the support and education to be empowered.

Claire Anne is registered with the Ontario Doula Association and proud to have her ROD certificate # L016.