Nikita Gambhir

birth doula, postpartum doula, Toronto doula, ECE,

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialties: birth, postpartum, ECE, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu speaking

Nikita (she/her) is a birth & postpartum doula offering services in the Greater Toronto Area. She has been trained with Doula Canada & is working towards her certification. In addition to her doula training, she has a background in Early Childhood Education.

Her obsession with babies led her to the field of early education but after completing her first year, she found that it was not enough to fill the hole in her heart. So naturally, she dropped out of school and jumped into the world of doulas.

Nakita’s practice is based on non-judgment and consistent care. She believes in the empowerment through knowledge so the birthing person & their partner are confident and satisfied in the choices they make.