Stacy Todd

Hamilton doula, postpartum doula, office manager, admin team,

Birth Mark Doula, Hamilton

Specialities: postpartum

Stacy Todd (she/her) is trained as a postpartum doula with Doula Canada and is the Office Manager and Birth Mark Hamilton.

After training as a Personal Support Worker, Stacy started her family which led to a long career as a stay-at-home-mom to four amazing humans and caretaker of many nieces, nephews, and random neighbourhood children.

Stacy is well known for her love of all animals. She often volunteers to house and home rescues and has collected quite the menagerie. Her sense of humour is unmatched and she has helped many loved ones through difficult times with laughter.

As her family has grown, Stacy decided to take these wonderful skills and qualities and apply them to the marginalized and vulnerable families in her community as a postpartum doula.