Christine DeRosa

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Birth Mark Doula, Hamilton

Specialties: birth, postpartum, loss, coaching

Christine DeRosa, Toronto

Christine (she/her) is a professionally trained birth, postpartum and certified bereavement doula as well as an empowerment coach. Her partner is her biggest cheerleader, he is genuinely supportive of her passionate decision to honour and empower birthing people and their families to find what feels good to them on their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. She is blessed with wonderful children who are now parents to her beautiful grandchildren. Christine is passionate about supporting pregnant people, babies and families. Her goal is to empower parents while they explore the beautiful transformation of parenthood through pregnancy and birth support as well as postpartum care.

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase of life are sacred times for birthing people and families. It is a time full of massive transformation not only physically, mentally and spiritually but emotionally as well. There is so much information to consider and many decisions to be made. Christine knows that empowering parents through open, kind, caring, resourceful and nurturing support allows them to make empowered choices. She strives to honour this process by ensuring supportive guidance and respect for your cultural beliefs as well as your unique needs.

Christine knows first hand that a birthing person’s intuition is inimitably powerful. It is essential to trust your body and the process that is unfolding during this time. Unforeseen changes can happen, so planning and preparation will ensure you are making informed choices that feel good to you.

When we are nurtured, it increases our capacity to care for others.

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