Shanika Frater

birth doula, postpartum doula, ECE, Doula Canada, Toronto doula

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialties: birth, postpartum, ECE

Shanika (she/her) has always had a passion for all things pregnancy & birth but it wasn’t until she became a mother that she understood how important support and validation is during this journey into parenting. Her own loneliness, defeat and self doubt as a mother lit a fire in her to ensure that any birthing person she could help not feel that way, she would.

Shanika believes that having the right support during pregnancy and the postpartum period has tremendous positive benefits to the overall birthing and postnatal period such as an increased confidence in parenting, bonding with baby & reduced postnatal depression.

Becoming a doula has been one of the best decisions Shanika has made in her life. Shanika has trained with Bebo Mia & Doula Training Canada and will be applying for Midwifery school in the near future. Shanika has spent over 12 years working with children and families of all ages and in different capacities— from working in child care centres to nannying. She studied Early Child Education at George Brown College and Human Development at Centennial College. Her education & background in childcare, human development and culture awareness give her a deeper understanding of normal children and adult behaviours.

Shanika’s style of doula support offers flexibility, encouragement, empathy & accurate evidence based tips and resources to help you feel the most confident in your abilities to parent in your own unique way. She understands how hard and isolating pregnancy and postpartum can be and wants to be able to normalize and validate all those new feelings you may experience.

Shanika’s goal is to help you feel prepared and confident as this new chapter of your life unfolds.

Your birth, Your postpartum, Your way.