Dr. Sarah Winward, ND

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Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto

Specialties: naturopathic medicine, birth, loss, lactation counselor

Dr. Sarah (she/her) is a Naturopathic Doctor, birth doula, pregnancy and infant loss doula and breastfeeding expert. She stumbled into the birth world accidentally during her naturopathic training when a friend suggested she take a Naturopathic Doula course. After attending her first birth, she knew she had found her passion. She has since made it her mission to learn as much as she can about supporting perinatal wellness. This path led her to start her training to become a lactation consultant. She has currently completed more than 500 hours helping breastfeeding pairs in a variety of settings and with concerns ranging from nipple pain in the early days to how to introduce solids.

Dr. Sarah runs an acupuncture clinic and a breastfeeding clinic with Birth Mark, which is open to anyone and pay-what-you-can. She is excited about making these services more accessible and believes that all parents should experience health and wellness during pregnancy and postpartum.

When she is not working, Sarah is mama to an amazing son. She loves spending time outside with her wee one and re-learning about the world through his eyes.

Sarah provides naturopathic care as well as doula and breastfeeding support privately as well, you can find out more information here.