Kayla Morin

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Birth Mark Doula

Specialties: birth, postpartum

Raised in the prairies, Kayla works as a birth and postpartum doula in Toronto. She believes birth is an immense transformational experience in the life of a birthing person & their family, an event to be honoured as sacred, and a very personal process. Everyone can benefit from consistent, clear & tender, nonjudgemental, and well-informed support during this time.

Kayla balances her doula care with warm, calm presence, careful listening & attention, guided self-inquiry/meditation, and body work. She assists expecting families to cultivate their internal strength and resources, while also providing the information they need to put their situation into context.

Kayla’s doula care is grounded in evidence-based information, as well as years of experience & anecdotal evidence from the mentors and families in her community. We use what we do know about birth to help us surrender to the unknown, thus finding the power to birth and parent within ourselves.

Kayla loves to serve people who yearn for a more trusting, natural approach to life, birth, and raising children. Her commitment to blossoming new parents is to meet them where they are, and support them in making decisions that make sense for them and their unique situation.

Kayla’s company, Mamas To Be, is based on the idea that we all serve as role models or “mamas to be” for the future generation. We are responsible for modeling the good life, and part of this task is fulfilling our own deep, personal yearnings as human beings. Kayla facilitates wellness events in Toronto for birthing people, families and birth workers to do just that. 

She loves to massage, sing, swim, dance, and drink tea.

Labour & Birth Doula Certification with Doula Canada, 2017-2019.

Awakening the Village Birth & Postpartum Doula Mentorship Program with Sasha Padron, 2018-present.