Idel Galbete

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Birth Mark Doula

Specialties: belly binding, mindfulness, Reiki healer, Somali speaking

Idel (she/her) has been dedicated to women's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health for the past 7 years. while on her own healing journey she recognized that the ability to create, carry life and give birth is a testament to the miracles and mysteries of the human experience.

As a doula her mission is to empower pregnant people to reclaim their innate wisdom that their bodies and heart hold. Her continued studies in holistic nutrition, energy medicine and many other healing practices have given her the insight and knowledge to be able to serve and transform those around her.

Some of Idel's growing interests are traditional postpartum healing practices which include belly binding, vaginal steaming, reiki and meditation. She is also currently holding classes at Birth Mark which focus on mindfulness & self care during pregnancy.