Geneviève Desrochers

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Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialty: postpartum care, postpartum mental health, French speaking

Geneviève (she/her) is a postpartum doula whose goal is to help families navigate smoothly through their transition with a new baby. After suffering from a severe postpartum mood disorder soon after the birth of her first child, she made it her mission to share her postpartum story and to fight the stigma attached to postpartum mood disorders. She decided to become a postpartum doula in order to provide non-medical, physical and emotional support as well as evidence-based informational assistance to parents with an infant. She wants to change the belief that parents can do it all on their own. She believes all parents need a supporting village and that as a postpartum doula, she is an important part of it. She is passionate about postpartum mental health and is continuously educating herself on the subject in order to share her knowledge with her clients and other parents. She is appreciated for her kindness, compassion and caring listening skills.

Geneviève is married and a mom of two kids. She has a background in education as an elementary teacher and curriculum consultant. She loves reading, writing, camping and taking pictures. She wrote a book about her postpartum journey and has her own YouTube channel where she tells her story and share testimonials of other parents who have suffered from a postpartum mood disorder. She speaks French and English fluently.