Elimar Martinez

birth doula, postpartum doula, Toronto doula, Spanish

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialty: birth, postpartum, Spanish speaking

Elimar (she/her) is an enthusiastic professional that recently joined the Birth Mark Doula team.

After a very successful career in the corporate world for over twenty years, she found herself interested in making a career change, to make an impact in society.

It took her some time to figure out what she wanted to do; but she was certain of one thing – she wanted to help others.

When experiencing motherhood, Elimar did not have a trusted expert to rely on for re-assurance and guidance during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. Becoming a birth and postpartum doula was a perfect match as she wanted to help other birthing people in the different stages of reproduction; ultimately providing physical and emotional support, care for both parents and babies, and unbiased information.

She aims to provide a high level of service, she wants her clients to feel they have and experienced friend, who is warm, relaxed and thrives under pressure.

Working as a Birth Mark Doula offers Elimar the chance to give back to the community, making a difference to people’s lives. Serving families who have limited access to care, inspires her to continue learning and improving every day.

Elimar approaches her job with empathy – and zero judgement. Her passion is to support people in whichever role they need. She feels very comfortable with being the person to lean on in times of joy as well as crisis while providing a solid, calm presence. She is perfectly bilingual in English and Spanish and is currently working towards obtaining the Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification through DONA International.