Carla Parchment

Toronto doula, birth doula, postpartum doula, twins & multiples specialist, Reiki healer

Birth Mark Doula, Toronto

Specialties: twins & multiples, Reiki healer

Carla (she/her) has a passion for doula care that began with her pregnancy and birth of her daughter.

Having worked as a doula for 11 years, Carla has since seen many ways that birthing may unfold and has applied that reassuring touch and presence to clients who have birthed in home, hospital with epidurals and through cesarean delivery as well.

Carla encourages parents to make confident and informed decisions during pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Specializing in daytime or overnight support; twin & multiple birth support and water-birthing.

Carla is a twin and multiples specialist, and in the last 8 years has focused her care on postpartum support to help families adjust to their growing family.

She is also a Traditional Reiki Practitioner who treats clients and offers the care, comfort and confidence that parents and families need to get through the initial weeks and months of their baby's life.