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Birth Mark offers a variety of classes and clinics at their offices in the Queen St. and Spadina Ave. area of downtown Toronto and in the Jamesville area of Hamilton. All times and dates are listed in the calendar, below.

Everyone is welcome! All classes and clinics are free for our clients and pay-what-you-can for non-clients and community members. Childcare is available for most services.

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Class Descriptions

Bodywork Clinic
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Combining Fascial Stretch Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and Structural Integration, this bodywork clinic is designed to help alleviate pains, stresses and body discomforts for both birthing people and birth partners prenatally, postpartum, and beyond.

Open to all types of feeding (chestfeeding, breastfeeding and bottle feeding), this is an informal drop-in where parents can get tips and tricks from Dr. Sarah and from each other. Come with questions or come to be in the company of other parents and little ones.

Meaghan and Linda from MyBaby CST (Craniosacral Therapy), offer this gentle therapy used to help release tissues in a baby that may have become tight during the birth process or in utero. If there are tight tissues in the body, it may present in babies as trouble breastfeeding, turning their head to one side, hard to soothe when crying, fussing before a poop and many other things that can make the early months a bit of a challenge for them and their parents. Once the tissues are released, the baby's symptoms usually subside. That all being said, all babies can benefit from a treatment – they don't have to have a "problem" to receive  a treatment. CST can be thought of as baby massage, only a gentler and more accurate touch. 

Mindfulness and self-care class is a space where pregnant people can learn tools to tune into their body using their awareness, breath, visualization and movement.

The intention is to foster a deeper connection within yourself so that when the time comes you have tools to call upon during your labour. Self-care rituals are also extremely important. We explore a range of rituals, such as, morning routine, affirmations, daily stretching and meditation. Whatever calls to your heart and brings you joy is what we work with.

Naturopathic Medicine is a whole person approach to medicine. Dr. Sarah, ND uses a variety of modalities to help you achieve wellness. This often includes acupuncture, herbal medicines and supplements, homeopathic remedies and nutrition. Dr. Sarah is also a lactation counsellor, with hundreds of hours of experience helping breastfeeding families. She can help with any of the following and much more:

  • Supporting healthy pregnancy and getting the body ready for birth

  • Managing pelvic pain, back pain, swelling, sleep and all those other fun things that go along with pregnancy

  • Postpartum mental health support

  • Baby feeding support

  • Navigating baby's first coughs, colds and flus

  • Other common baby concerns such as: rashes, sleep patterns and teething

  • Muscle pain in new parents

This class is to honour the diverse needs in the early months and years of raising little ones. Particularly, after giving birth, the birthing person's body is often tender, sore and in the process of great healing. With this gentle movement practice, we are encouraged to take very good care of ourselves first, in order to be fully healthy and present in body, mind and spirit. Through yoga, breath and movement, as well as interactive postures with baby, each parent will leave the session with a sense of community, regeneration, calm and the inner-peace needed to face the challenges of parenthood. All levels, ages and stages welcome!

A space to regularly practice tuning into your breath, changing body and growing baby. This class is designed to strengthen and celebrate the profound experience of being pregnant! Peace of mind, body and spirit are essential ingredients for a healthy birthing person and healthy baby. Specifically helpful movements and breathing techniques are explored to help ease physical discomfort and emotional uncertainty, as well as provide the tools to embody a meaningful labor, birth and postpartum experience. All levels welcome!

Pelvic Floor Physio
Coming Soon!

Shannon Stoby, PT provides pelvic floor physiotherapy in the form of gentle treatment and simple self-care to help prepare for birth and recovery. She treats the pelvic floor internally using John F. Barnes myofascial release principles and is also passionate about the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. She provides holistic, compassionate care that is trauma-conscious and person-first. This therapy is aimed to educate, engage and empower you in your healing process.

A gathering space for individuals in the process of growing their families or planning to grow their families to gain information and build community in the form of facilitated topics and peer to peer support. This space is open to all 2SLGBTQIA individuals seeking community and information, regardless of where they are in their family-growing journey. Childcare will be provided as well as circle time and children’s activities.

A gathering space for 2SLGBTQIA parents and caregivers to gain information and build community, in the form of facilitated topics and peer to peer support. While many of the facilitated topics address the early parenting period, this space is open to all 2SLGBTQIA families seeking community and information. Childcare will be provided as well as circle time and children’s activities.

I can’t imagine a more wonderful Craniosacral Therapy duo than Meghan and Linda who’s fast, intuitive and healing connection to my baby assisted with relieving colic and releasing a tight jaw which was causing a shallow latch. After 4 sessions in their healing hands, my baby was so much more comfortable. Birth Mark is not only a support group, but I feel as though it’s a family where mothers can come, feel safe, receive guidance and education and enter a nourishing space of healing and friendship.

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Classes and clinics are free for Birth Mark clients and pay-what-you-can for non-clients and community members.

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Birth Mark is not only a support group, but I feel as though it’s a family where mothers can come, feel safe and get guidance and education. It’s like entering a nourishing space of healing and friendship. The Parent & Baby yoga classes saved my life and my sanity. Each week under Elisha’s superb guidance, I leave class feeling refreshed, happy, ready to give more of my deepest love and best self to my baby and the world outside.
For me, Birth Mark group is like a womb that graciously helped birth not only my baby but me, as a first-time mum. I thank Gillian and all the wonderful team at Birth Mark for proving this beautiful space and opportunity for us to continue growing.

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