Patice Romeo


Birth Mark Operations Manager, Toronto

Patice (she/her) is a Full Spectrum Doula and Childbirth Educator. A fusion of old soul and young spirit, Patice’s ambiguity allows her to connect with a wide range of clients and provide them with the calm, comforting, unbiased, informative care that is needed whether they are navigating pregnancy, birth, postpartum, infant loss, or abortion. She has a naturally calming effect on those around her and instinctively knows when to hold space and when to hold a hand.

Patice completed university with a Bachelor’s degree in Family & Social Relations and a strong passion towards helping others but was unclear on how to go about doing so for many years. It wasn’t until she had children of her own and experienced how emotionally impactful birth can be that she realized how she was meant to help. Following the birth of her second child and maternity leave return to the corporate sector, Patice began pursuing what she felt to be her calling - doula work. Having trained with DONA, Doula Canada, and the Doula Project, she was able to make that career change and has since helped a multitude of families and individuals by empowering their journey towards confident and informed experiences.

When she isn’t busy helping Toronto families, you can find this happy single mom of two exploring the city with her kids, spending time with friends, or partaking in her multitude of hobbies ranging from sewing baby quilts to perfecting her samba skill.