Melanie Farrell

Hamilton doula, birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation educator

Birth Mark Doula, Hamilton

Specialities: birth, postpartum, lactation educator

Melanie (she/her) is the owner of Built to Birth and birth doula with Birth Mark Hamilton.  If you would have told her ten years ago that she would leave my government job in social services to become an entrepreneur and doula she never would have believed it.

It was during her own family planning that she became interested in the role of a doula. Melanie feels passionately that everyone deserves a strong support team during their pregnancy and birth; one that consists of a trained and experienced birth worker whose sole responsibility is to ensure that the parents are informed and supported both emotionally and physically.

Melanie’s birth philosophy is that pregnancy and childbirth are completely natural and beautiful events in a person’s life and can be a source of great joy, confidence, and empowerment. She believes that birth requires us to dig deep, to tap into our inner most primal selves and listen to our instincts. If given the space to do this, Melanie feels that every birthing person can achieve a satisfying birth experience. Birth, to her, means any time a person welcomes their baby into this world whether that be with the assistance of modern medicine or not. Babies enter this world in varying ways, but she firmly believes that every baby knows how they are meant to be born.

In 2016, Melanie completed her birth doula certification with Doula Canada and completed her lactation educator course with Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). 

When Melanie is not supporting families through their own journey’s she is on her own wild ride in this life parenting three young boys with her husband and partner in crime. Their house is loud, chaotic and bursting at the seams with love. 

 “It is such an incredible feeling to know that I have created a career out of a passion and through that I am blessed with the opportunity to support families and hold space for our most wee humans as they make their transition earth side.”