Erika Matkovich

Hamilton doula, postpartum doula, personal training. birth mark doula

Birth Mark Doula, Hamilton

Specialties: postpartum, personal training

Erika Matkovich (she/her) is a Postpartum Doula and Personal Trainer serving the Greater Hamilton Area. She is trained with Doula Canada (postpartum doula) and canfitpro (personal trainer). She is also a member of the Association of Ontario Doulas.

She is passionate in providing support for all families and loves seeing the amazing benefits of when a new family is whole-heartedly supported. 

Her goal with every client is that the family is provided with a more positive postpartum experience as well as realistic expectations of their evolving realities. Increasing the quality of a new family’s life in this way is an essential part of facilitating their wellbeing and will also serve to enhance the knowledge and awareness of their peers surrounding the value of postpartum support!

Erika has also recently completed a surrogate journey and has a deeper appreciation for those that go through fertility struggles, and those that are creating families through alternative measures.  

Erika is loving her life in Hamilton with her three kiddos and hubby and her hopes is to increase awareness of doula services in her community.

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