Crystal Stevens

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Birth Mark Doula & Operations Manager, Hamilton

Specialties: full-spectrum doula, birth, infant care specialist

Crystal (she/her) is a Full Spectrum Doula and Operations Manager of Birth Mark Hamilton. She is trained as a birth doula with DONA, Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist with ProDoula, and as an abortion doula with The Doula Project NYC. She has also started her cross-certification with Doula Training Canada.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Crystal has watched as the city transformed from the city of steel to the diverse community it is now. Having lived in the lower East End for the last 25years she has a unique perspective on the needs of families and individuals within the city and the barriers they face when accessing care and services. 

Being the first among her family and peers to have children, her presence was often requested in birth rooms and her advice was frequently sought regarding newborn and infant care. But it wasn’t until after the birth of her fourth (and final!) child that she discovered doula work. After training, she worked as an agency doula for five years.  After the tragic loss of her father she slowed down on agency work and travelled to Costa Rica to volunteer with a maternity home for Indigenous girls.  

Upon returning from Costa Rica, Crystal experienced several more tragic losses including the overdose death of her 24-year-old nephew. At this point she decided she needed a change of scenery, so she packed her family and boarded a place for South East Asia where they spent the next three months wandering through Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali. It was when they returned from this life experience that Crystal was approached about Birth Mark.

Since beginning her work with Birth Mark, Crystal says she finally feels like she is exactly where she belongs, doing the work she was meant to be doing, and is grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an incredible organization.

Crystal currently lives in Hamilton with her husband, is the mother of 3 incredible teenage daughters and one son whom she homeschools. In her downtime she enjoys binging Netflix while cuddling her children, hanging out at the drive-in, campfires, books, and fuzzy blankets.